TTW IconText To Wav

Main Window Text To Wav is a Text-To-Speech software using SAPI4.0, SAPI5.1 or Microsoft Speech Platform ver 10. It includes the following features.
  • Read aloud other software using IE component (ex: Internet Explorer, CHM)
  • Convert text into AVI or MP3 with lyrics.
  • Convert text or html into WAV/MP3(lame_enc.dll) files.
  • Set a Japanese engine for Voice1 and an English one for Voice2; switch the voices automatically.
  • If you type a letter or move the caret on the TextEditor, you can hear the letter, word or sentence.
  • This software doesn't have any installer, so if you don't like it, all you have to do is to throw it into the Trash box.
Help (Japanese)

LyricsPlayer IconLyricsPlayer

MP3(SYLT) Player.
Help (Japanese)

Dokodemo Bible iconDokodemo Bible

Help (Japanese)
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LearningGene IconLearningGene (ANSI)

MapEditor IconNoah's MapEditor

Main Window Create a 3D dungeon map like Wizardry.

Noah's 実行ファイルのみ

Noah's MapEditor


MapEditor IconNoah's 2D MapEditor

This is a MapEditor for tiled base game.
Noah's 2D